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Mandarin Lesson 38 我听说青岛是个好地方。 I've heard that Qingdao is a good place.

我 听说 青岛 是 个 好 地方。I've heard that Qingdao is a good place.
Wŏ tīng shuō Qīngdăo sh g hăo dfāng.
I listen speak Blue-green-island is one good location-place.

我 听说 郑 先生 昨天 回来了。I've heard that Mr. Zheng returned yesterday.
Wŏ tīng shuō Zhng xiānshēng zutiān huli le.
I listen speak Zheng first-born yesterday-sky return-come finished.

我 听 不 懂 了。I didn't understand.
Wŏ tīng b dŏng le.
I listen not hear finished.

学生 听 你 说 吗? Do the students listen to you?
Xushēng tīng nĭ shuō ma?
Study-born listen you speak question?

郑 先生 正在 听 广播。 Mr. Zheng is listening to the radio.
Zhng xiānshēng zhngzi tīng guăngbō.
Zheng first-born straight-is listen wide-seed.

我 听说 你 是 美国人。I've heard that you are an American.
Wŏ tīng shuō nĭ sh Mĕigurn.
I listen speak you are Beautiful-country-person.

那些 学生 听 不 懂 我 说的 话。The students don't understand what I say.
Nxiē xushēng tīng b dŏng Wŏ shuōde hu.
Those students listen not understand what I say-of speech.

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Mandarin is a tone language--that is, different pitch patterns actually distinguish one word from another. Mandarin has no irregular verbs or noun plurals to learn, because words have only a single form. Because Mandarin is completely unrelated to any European language, you may think it might be difficult to develop your vocabulary. However, it really is not that difficult. Why? The reason is that the meanings of many words consisting of two or more characters can be inferred from the meanings of the characters or even the roots of individual characters. So, your vocabulary can rapidly expand when you have grasped the basic characters and character roots.